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About Us

We help you with financing your new project

We can work with you to get your product to market. With partnership, manufacturing or finance deals there are many ways we can work together

 to ease the initial financial burden of tooling costs.

For instance we can amortise the costs into the first production run or spread over a pre-agreed period of time.

Every customer is different and every project is open to terms which are beneficial to both parties. We work extremely well with our customers 

because we understand your needs.

The following is an extract from the correspondence of one of our many satisfied customers:

"As with every quality manufacturing facility we were looking for a one stop shop to supplement our own in house development programs, this took a

long time to source, it cost not only in time and money the end results were poor quality prototype components.


We eventually came across BcL PLASTIC CO,.LTD through a personal recommendation, we visited the establishment and instantly acknowledged the 

fact that these boys had the equipment, enthusiasm and know how, they are self motivated and have helped design, develop, evaluate, modify and

 produce a wide range of components that we required to enhance our own products.


I would recommend this company to anybody that requires tools, production runs and quality.

Well done BCL plastic co,.ltd."