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Product Development

Source£ºShenzhen Bochanglong Plastic Co., Ltd. Date£º2016/2/26 9:41:46

Product development is such a broad area and can be tapped into by all existing markets.

At BCLPlastics, our approach to rapid tooling and plastic injection moulding in product development has allowed us to deliver an end-to-end service with bespoke validation to customers across a range of markets. Prototyping, low volume or intent for mass production; our unique development process will allow you to get there quicker and without any compromise on quality.

We understand the product development process can be difficult, especially when at a concept stage. We are also conscious that there usually has to be a compromise or element of redesign due to the challenges that develop between initially designing the component and going ahead to design the part for manufacture. However, we only deliver the best because we work with the best. Having established local partnerships capable of constructing designs fit for manufacture, we can deliver on time and on budget.

We don¡¯t just intend to take a concept to design and then through to manufacture. Instead, we provide the backing to allow scalability to suit your personal market requirements, with the assistance of our own in-house techniques and great development skills. We can also look to work with your mass production supplier to enhance your operations wherever possible.

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