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Medical Device Industry

Source£ºShenzhen Bochanglong Plastic Co., Ltd. Date£º2016/2/25 14:59:00

The medical industry is extremely diverse and yet everything is completely regulated, especially products and materials designed for human interaction.

As one of our main market sectors, BCLPlastics has the advantage of using an ISO class 8 Cleanroom to manufacture medical devices and their components. This controlled environment benefits from having a low level of pollutants, including airborne microbes, dust, aerosol particles and chemical vapours.

As a result, it is typically used in manufacturing where small particles can affect the manufacturing process, such as pharmaceuticals, biotech, life sciences and medical devices. Previous and some current projects within this facility have allowed us to play a vital role in the development and implementation of new and existing medical devices, which are not only used in the UK, but all around the world.

To ensure we are doing all we can for the medical device industry, we have employed internally, with each team member having more than 10 years of experience working in the medical sector. This team has worked to produce standout devices such as an ASC Tri Port and Quad Port for Advanced Surgical Concepts.

From the doctor¡¯s desk to the operating table, we have the design engineers and the facilities on hand to ensure your medical device hits the market as quickly and efficiently as possible, while also exceeding all expectations.