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Automotive Industry

Source£ºShenzhen Bochanglong Plastic Co., Ltd. Date£º2016/2/25 14:53:46

Over the years, BCLplastics have supplied a wide range of projects within the automotive industry, varying from components to panels.

With heavy investment in the automotive industry ¡ª including the Signal Plastics merge, 5 axis CNC machines and wider moulding capabilities ¡ª we have the ability to manufacture injection moulding tools in larger sizes. These are able to cater for parts which are of a specific size.

This particular industry has such a large global market, with continuous improvements in technology being introduced to the sector. Last year alone, automotive industry analysis highlighted that the UK ¡ª seen as being a small automotive manufacturing market on the worldwide scale ¡ª produced almost 2.1 million completed vehicles for sale.

As a result, firms are required to adopt these new strategies to remain a key player in the marketplace. Here at BCLPlastics, we are proud to say we have played a key role in the design and manufacture of many great cars and innovative pieces of automotive technology. 

Some of the business¡¯ we have worked with in the automotive industry include:

The increase in relationships between us and our customers in this area of expertise allows us to continually deliver time and time again, meeting our client¡¯s expectations.

We not only supply the bigger players in the market but also take pride in working with smaller outfits during the various stages of design and prototyping of each of their development processes.